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On Page Search Engine Optimization offered by SEO Company In India

SEO Services by Indian SEO Companies are basically divided into two major categories; On-Page optimization and Off Page Optimization. On-Page optimization covers all the activities done on the pages of the website whereas off-page optimization covers all those activities that are used to promote the web pages.

Here is the list of On Page activities

On-Page SEO Checklist:

Keyword Research: Always start with keyword selection, research and testing: Understanding that each page has its own terms to target, brainstorming possible terms, researching with the Keyword Tools. Identify the landing pages that you want to promote. Do rough keyword research, short list keywords to promote the landing pages. Check the keyword popularity, on various keyword reach tools and also find average broad searched and competition. Do the complete key word to analysis to final the keyword list.

Meta Description tag: Writing the Meta Title & Meta description tag in a very compelling way. Generally the length of Meta title is 60 characters and Meta description tag has 160 characters use to summarize a web page’s content. Most often Search engines use the Meta Description as snippets in search results to let visitors know what the landing page is all about. A well written Meta tag can convince the net surfer to click on your link. 

ALT tags: It is a very important factor, as the ALT attribute is used in HTML and XHTML documents to specify alternative text (ALT text) if the browser is unable to render the image.  To   learn more about ALT text visit

Heading tags: To represent different sections on the web page, heading tag are used. Search engine bots assumes the contents of <h1> tags are more important than <h2> tags and so on.

URL structure: UTL Structure should be as simple as possible so that the user and Search engine bots understand about the URL.

Internal linking strategy: It is one of the most important factors. The Internal Linking strategy helps the flow of Page and also help the visitor to achieve the website goal.

Content optimization: Content optimization is very important as it helps to optimize the website by placing keywords properly. There are various factors that are taken into account while optimizing the content such Keyword density, proximity etc.

Site maps: It helps the users as well as search engine bots to know about all the pages present on the website. It helps user to navigate the desired page.


In the process of proving Best SEO service, SEO companies in India make effective use of Meta Tags and Content optimization. The SEO Firms perform careful analysis by latest and advance SEO tools and techniques. Some SEO companies provide SEO implementation services along with the recommendation.

A search engine optimization company India works on various aspects of the website to rank the website on different search engines to get quality traffic. So it is always best to outsource Indian SEO Indian firms to get the long term result instead of instant and volatile result.